A Magnificent Cup of Coffee,A Magnificent Team

OKLAO specialty coffee is the only chain coffee brand that has it’s own coffee from and process plants, with direct supply and trades. In addition to a 40-hectare farm in LAOs, there are also green bean hunters looking for good coffee in the countries all over the world. OKLAO has contract farming with multiple well-known estate in Panama and Costa Rica and also has a green bean process plant in Costa Rica, to ensure coffee quality.

Also participated in the international coffee auction, acquire all the best coffee and stored in temperature and moisture controlled storage. OKLAO has many SCAA certified Q Graders that cup every batch of coffee and work closely with our experienced roasters to determine the best roasting method and level for the coffee. At the same time, OKLAO also actively cultivate talented baristas, and won the runner-up of the 2018 World Cup Siphon Coffee Competition(WSC).

From the place of origin to a cup of coffee, OKLAO check every detail and steps using the highest standard. Through delivering great coffee to our customers, we hope to help them know more about coffee and explore the coffee world.



End-to-end service is not just a slogan, it's our standard operation at OKLAO.

OKLAO's LAO is derived from LAOS

OK is the world's common language, which means "good" and "no problem".

In 2006, we established "OKLAO Coffee Company" in Laos.

At first, we are a supplier of raw beans. Later, because of the good local environment, soil and water quality, we set up a local farm. Until the end of 2009, we set up the first store in Taichung, Taiwan.

OKLAO want to provide it’s best coffee with best price for our customers. Hope everyone who come across OKLAO can feel our sincerity.



  • Region:Bolaven Plateau, Paksong Fields,LAOS
  • Variety:Arabica、Robusta
  • Harvest:Arabica Oct. to Dec.、Robusta Jan. to Mar
  • Elevation:1,350m
  • Average Temp.:25°C (10°C difference daily)
  • Annual Rainfall:2,500mm
  • Organic cultivation:No chemical fertilizers and pesticides are used, fertilize with animal excretion
  • Green bean process:Arabica-Washed、Robusta-Natural

OKALO's coffee farm in Laos is located on the Bolaven Plateau, with an altitude of 1250 meters between 14-16 degrees north latitude. It has an excellent microclimate and proper rainfall distribution. The hillsides are heavily fogged and the sunlight is not strong. 10 ° C difference between day and night. This is the only volcanic ash geological plateau in Laos. The coffee quality from the slightly acidic soil can be said to be the most representative high-quality coffee bean in the local area! A hundred years ago, a French missionary brought coffee seeds from North Sumatra, Indonesia, provided by the owner of the Dutch colonial coffee farm, to the Bolaven volcano in the south of Laos.

The unique growth environment made Laos one of the 12 best coffees in the world.French and United Nations authorities established a coffee research center in the main local producing area of the Bolaven Plateau in the early 1970s after discovering the Bolaven Plateau with a unique geographical environment for coffee. Previously 80% of Bolaven coffee was exported to Europe, and the rest was shipped to countries around the world.