INDONESIA Sumatera Aceh Blue Diamond Mandehling

  • Half Pounds (hLB.)400
  • Drip Coffee Bag35
Indonesian Coffee Regions
  • Growing Region:Sumatera
36 Aromas in coffee

Caramel, Roasted Almonds, Dark Chocolate, Butter, Coffee Pulp, Straw, Clove-like

Indonesia is the biggest island nation in the world. Traversing across the equator, it has a wet and hot tropical climate with ample rainfall, and fertile volcanic soil that provides rich nutrients to the coffee plants. Crowned the "King of Mandheling", the Blue Diamond Mandehling selection is one of the rare and authentic top grade coffee in Sumatra. It is highly prized within Indonesia itself and a relatively scarce coffee that is hard to come by. At present, it is the highest quality Mandheling in the world, with limited quantity being produced. Only raw beans that are greater than 8 cm in sizes are selected, and these emerald green raw beans resembling ripe and fresh fruits that makes one salivate are mostly exported to Japan. The high altitude and rich soil allow for the cultivation of long and large Blue Diamond Mandheling beans, which are bigger in size than Golden Mandheling beans, and similarly go through 3 rounds of manual selection to exclude beans with flaws. It has a rich and mellow taste that even surpasses that of Golden Mandheling, and hence is the top choice for coffee lovers who enjoy their coffee strong.