BRAZIL Carmo de Minas Fazenda Santa Lucia Pulp Natural

Obtained 6th place in 2016 Brazil COE Competition

  • Half Pounds (hLB.)500
  • Drip Coffee Bag40
Brazilian Coffee Regions
  • Soil Type:vocano soil
  • Process:Natural Process
36 Aromas in coffee

Rose, Coffee Plup, Black Currant, Roasted Almonds, Roasted Hazelnuts, Walnut

Coffee from Minas Gerais state often win 70% of the awards in the annual Brazil COE Competition, especially the region in the southern part of the state, Sul de Minas. In the southern Minas region,the small town of Carmo de Minas is an overachiever, due to its natural geographical and climatic advantage. Describing this place as “God’s gift” is not an exaggeration.

Cousins Jacques Pereira Carneiro and Luis Paulo are the 5th-gen spirit leaders of the coffee industry in Carmo de Minas. They both come from the Pereira family. Luis Paulo is also the CEO of Brazil Specialty Coffee Association. The Pereira family has hundred years ofexperience in coffee farming, with 6 famous coffee estates under its name.

Carmo de Minas region is picturesque. The southern part of Sul de Minas has a unique topography, soil rich in minerals and volcanic ash composition, and good water quality due to its naturally carbonated, even becoming a carbonated springs park. In addition, the changing microclimate allows for the region to produce high quality coffee, and even becoming one of the main regions in Brazil producing specialty coffee. It is also the biggest winner in Brazil’s Coe competition despite being a small region. Carmo de Minas also holds its Best of Carmo de Minas annually, which is also known as Brazil’s “COE Top 10” PK competition as most of the participants are coffee estates which have won at the COE competition, many having placed Top 10 or even crowned the champion. Carmo de Minas’ status as an important coffee-producing region is apparent.