ETHIOPIA Yirgacheffe Kochere Sheepherder G1

Classic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee that has a long-lasting sweetness and floral scent

  • Half Pounds (hLB.)800
  • Drip Coffee Bag60
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe District
  • Growing Region:Kochere
  • Altitude:1,800-2,000M
  • Variety: Heirloom
  • Process:Washed Process
  • Harvest:man-made gather
36 Aromas in coffee

trees, rose, potato, coffee, lemon, citrus, apple, maple

36 Aromas in coffee

Ttrees、Rose、Potato、Cofee blossom、Lemon Citrus

36 Aromas in coffee

Trees, Rose, Potato, Coffee Blossom, Lemon Citrus, Apple, Maple Syrup

Kochere is located in Yirgacheffe, known for producing top notch coffees, found in the southern part of Ethiopia. Due to its high altitude, cultivation of wild native coffee plants, and soil rich in iron, Kochere produces an invaluable type of Yirgacheffe coffee. On top of the spice notes and complex fruity flavor that characterise Yirgacheffe coffee, this selection is permeated with a vibrant citrus taste and exudes a floral scent all in a sweet and silky texture. Moreover, the coffee trees are mostly "old vines" allowing for that classic native Ethiopian flavor. The coffee cherries are first handpicked by small farmers in the neighbouring communities (kebeles). The coffee is processed in a factory situated at Teklu Dembel washing station. Using the traditional washed processing technique, the flesh and skin outside the coffee cherry fruit are first removed (pulped) before placing the fruit in a water drainage system to facilitate the removal of defective beans. Then, they are fermented and finally sun-dried to obtain shelled coffee beans.