JAMAICA Clifton Mount Estate Blue Mountain No. 1

The sole high-altitude JamaicanEstate that obtained recognition from Rainforest Alliance

  • Half Pounds (hLB.)1900
  • Drip Coffee Bag100
JAMAICA Clifton Mount Estate
  • Growing Region:Blue Mountain
  • Altitude:1,300M
  • Variety: Typica
  • Soil Type:vocano soil
  • Grade:No.1
  • Process:Washed Process
  • Harvest:man-made gather
  • Certifications:Rainforest Alliance
  • Since:1790
  • Planting area:180acre
  • Farm size:250acre
  • Avg. Temp/Rainfall:22℃/2,000mm
36 Aromas in coffee

Toast, clove-like,roasted almonds, vanilla, trees, black currant, butter, tobacco

36 Aromas in coffee

Toast, clove-like,roasted almonds, vanilla, trees, black currant, butter, tobacco

The Blue Mountain range is situated at the eastern part of Jamaica. As it is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, when the weather is fair, the sun directly shines onto the surface of the blue waters,and the sparkling blue rays from the sea are reflected off the mountain peak,giving the mountain its name. Jamaican blue mountain coffee has delicately fragrant and sweet notes, with a mellow texture similar to that of red wine, and is a crowd favourite among Japanese coffee connoiseurs. It is produced in rare quantities and is a representative of specialty coffee. Yet not all Jamaican-produced coffee can be labelled with the Blue Mountain branding. In 1953, in a bid by the Jamaican government to improve the quality of Jamaican coffee, it set up The Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica (CIB). Jamaica is the first country to register the name of a coffee production region as a trademark. To export from Jamaica,one must obtain validation from the CIB that the coffee was produced from specified administrative regions in Blue Mountain and at a certain altitude.From the year 1790 (mid 18th Century), Clifton Mount Estate has started to grow Blue Mountain coffee, all of which are Typica. It is the most ancient and highest altitude coffee estate in the entire Blue Mountain region, and the only estate that produces single origin Blue Mountain coffee with recognition from Rainforest Alliance. Its sufficiently high altitude, warm temperatures in the afternoon, natural shade from the clouds and trees, ample sunlight, and soil filled with rich minerals are why the estate can provide the coffee trees with optimal conditions for growing.